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Exploring A New Blog Hosting Site & Photos of Historic Swiss Castle

Today I have been looking at the web site “WordPress” as a new host for my blog. There are a lot of nice things about Google Blogger, the best being that it is free! However, I would like to include more media and Blogger is pretty limited in handling photos and media. During last weekend’s Jamboree, I attended one session that was all about blogging. I asked about this problem and the web site “WordPress” was suggested by a couple of the Blogger Summit panelists. I have been exploring it and will probably switch over to it this weekend. One of the blogger summit panelists, Judy Russell–The Legal Genealogist (, said she wasn’t very technical; but found it easy to use.   So far it hasn’t seemed that easy; but I think I just found a breakthrough that seems to have cleared up the problems I was facing.

Before I make the final decision to switch, I want to play around with the site a little more, in particular with managing photos, to confirm that it is better than Blogger.

Hopefully, I will be convinced to switch by tomorrow. Then for a couple days I will announce the URL address of the new site, so that the followers I have developed so far will know where to find me. I also need to become more familiar with the process of transferring all my past blogs from Blogger to the new site. For a couple days I will probably post the blog on both sites to assist people with the transition.

If any of you have experience with WordPress or other blog hosting sites, I would appreciate and comments or suggestions you might have.

I have to play around with WordPress a little so will just insert some photos of Oberhofen Castle in Oberhofen, Switzerland on Lake Thun.  Ritschhart ancestors were bailiffs her for three generations in the early 1600s.

9Zl The Castle                                                              The Castle from Lake Thun

9Zf Sitting RoomThe Sitting Room

The Panel Room

The Panel Room

9Ze Castle ArmoryThe Armory

9Zje Castle GardensCastle Gardens in October